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Sam Sheehy

Sam Sheehy
Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist

[email protected]


Sam Sheehy is the founder of Heritage Hearing Aid Center. He's not only an owner, but he's also a patient! Sam wears Siemens Centra 2 open ear hearing instruments. His nearly 14 years fitting hearing instruments affords Heritage Hearing Aid Center the depth of experience to ensure you recieve the very best hearing care.

Sam holds master's degrees in both education and theology. His entire life has been spent caring for people's needs as a coach, teacher and minister. Sam views his work with the hearing challenged as an extension of his life of ministry to those in need.

Sam has been married to Maryann (Heritage's office administrator) for 52 years. They have three children and four grandchildren. Sam and Maryann have lived in the Oklahoma City area for the past 31 years.